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Decluttering Hiking Experience

Project Brief


The main goal for the user’s end is to bridge the gap between the known information of the places to the various hiker and delivering the delineated functions through the digit nudge. While from the business needs end, the platform should be able to attract new users by increasing the conversion rate and satisfaction score. 


Scope of Work

IOS Mobile and Smart Watch   


12 weeks  


 Fitness and Travel


 Figma and Miro


 UX Research and Interfaces


Existing User Story 

Annie Morgan

Enthusiastic student Hiker


Annie is an MBA student, toiling her weekdays, day and night on her assignments. To unwind, as a weekend gateway, she signs up along with an existing hiking group and starts liking the high of the whole experience.

After a couple of treks with the known group, Annie finds it hard to find new places or people to go with. She gets frustrated with planning and managing the budgets. And ends up spending more time and money on specific erratic scenarios

Pain Points
Verifying the budget along with the hidden costs and expenses for renting or buying gear, travelling to the base point etc.

While filling the gaps by getting complete information and being prepared prior with the type of gear, what to expect on the trail and other safety measures.

Travelling and exploring to collect a lot of experience and memories, while meeting new people to know a better perspective on life


Annie sees the Christmas and New Year long weekend coming up and decides to go on a 2 day long hike and checks with her batchmates if anyone is up.

Annie checks on various videos, her social media feed in order to collect the information on a particular trail she choose, but her planning ends up half baked.

At the end she does manages to pull off with a trek group until the base point, but all the unnecessary travel in between, miscommunications, and choosing the right trail or the suitable gear makes her fickle minded on her whole idea of choosing the plan of hiking.


She misjudges the weather and ends up carrying misfit hike gears. Further due to the wet weather, the trail is filled with leeches and puddles. Further more it was hard for Annie to go through her phone to connect with her fellow hikers and ends up in a muddled up state once again.


The trek group finally do reach the peak but Annie is unable to relish the scenic view due to her swollen, wet feet with leech bites all over


Yet again due to the bad weather the group is unable to continue back with the down trail and ends up choosing a different trail which is filled with lot more obstacles, riskier than to the difficulty level estimated before.

Bottom-line, things would have been different for Annie if proper planning was done prior with a legit guide for her to decide things and this hike could have been stress-free. To sum this up,


Building Empathy 


To know the depth of the users, it was essential to answer a few questions.

Who are the hikers?
What are their goals and environment?




No matter what type of hiker one is, the need of being outside the modern world and connect with nature was a transversal feeling. Further on taking a survey based on 12 participants ranging from 21 to 55, these end results were condensed.




Key Metrics 

           70%                                83%                           95%



Consider photos and actives around if the place is worth hiking​

Consider photos and actives around if the place is worth hiking​

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